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Day 6

Posted by Fishhawk Fellowship Church on

Rahab – Risk Your Life

Joshua 2:1-22; Joshua 6:22-25 

Rahab: the prostitute. The harlot. She is one of the few people in scripture who is forever labeled by her sin. It’s how we know her. It’s her identifier. 

We meet Rahab, this woman primarily known by her sin, in a place that, spiritually speaking, seems less than ideal for an encounter with the one true God. She is living in a corrupt, pagan culture and was a prostitute. This wicked land she was living in, however, was growing frightened by the rumors of God’s greatness. They had heard the stories of the Israelites’ escape from Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the wanderings in the wilderness, and their recent victory over the Amorites. Rahab and the people around her knew this was a people to be feared and that they were coming for their land (Joshua 2:9). 

However, Rahab’s fear was beginning to shift. In verse 11 she shares that “when we heard it, our hearts melted and no courage remained in any man any longer because of you; for the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath.” (NASB, emphasis mine). This statement of fear became her statement of faith! 

So Rahab decides to risk her life and hide two Israelite spies from the king of Jericho. She knew this was a risk (so much so that she made them promise to protect her family in return) and yet willingly took it. Rahab chose to face full-on the holiness of God in an act of bold faith, even in the midst of a faithless culture. She trusted that the God who parted the Red Sea and brought the Israelites out of Egypt could rescue her too - and He did (Joshua 6:22-25)! 

Rahab’s faithful actions not only saved the lives of two Israelites, but they started a completely new chapter in her story - a chapter of redemption. This God who protected His people saw Rahab, called her to Himself, and set her on a journey of bold faith. No matter what we know her as, because of her faith, she is now indelibly labeled by God’s great grace (Romans 6:14). She is listed as a member of the heroes of the Faith (Hebrews 11:31), called out as an example of those who are justified in Christ (James 2:25), and is even listed in the very lineage of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1). 

Whatever you think your label may be, in Christ, we get a new identity: Called. Faithful. Rescued. Redeemed. We may not be hiding spies from the government, or putting our lives in literal danger, but embarking on a journey of bold faith almost always involves risking the lives we know. Whether it be risking relationships, careers, financial security, or even just our familiar comfort-zones, following Jesus is always worth risking everything.

What are you willing to risk to follow Christ?