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Marriage Mentoring

Dare to Be Different - Marriage Mentoring

"The LORD God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.' " Genesis 2:18

Marriage Enrichment is…

Our Marriage Enrichment Ministry is based on biblical principles, loyalty and family unity. Our Mentor Couples are trained in a step-by-step process that is proven to help couples in all stages of their marriage relationships. Marriage enrichment is used by couples in a good marriage who want to take their marriage relationship to the next level as well as, pre-marital couples who want to start their marriage off with a strong foundation, and couples whose marriage is struggling or in crisis but desire to restore the health of their marriage.

Our Mentoring Couples use a process of coaching rather than lecturing. This powerfully-designed process has helped thousands of couples across the country to navigate the issues that marriages often face. In a confidential atmosphere of listening, support and encouragement, mentored couples are guided to openly and respectfully express with each other and agree on solutions.

Marriage Mentoring provides couples the chance to explore their relationships with unbiased, caring mentors who are willing to invest in them for 4 – 8 weeks using a powerful system that teaches couples how to navigate the challenges of married life in today's world.

If you and your spouse would like to be mentored, please complete the two application forms linked below and submit with the fee. The fee to participate in the Mentoring Program is $50/couple. This fee covers the cost of materials used by the Mentoring Couple each week. If this fee represents a financial challenge for your family, a Scholarship Fund has been established and is available at your request.

Link to Men's application form: click here 

Link to Women's application form: click here 


For more information on Marriage Mentoring at FFC please contact the Church office at (813) 655-7431.



"The mentoring program helped us with our communication and helped us to establish steps to improve the problem areas. We think it worked very well."

"The material was very good and it was worth the time. The mentoring improved our relationship by fostering better communication, giving us accountability and helped us to self-reflect. Our marriage mentors were very caring, accepting, and easy to get to know."

"Our marriage mentors were very personable and showed vested interest in what we had to say. They showed us that they truly care and were invested in helping us in our marriage and our lives. …because of the mentoring program and the "fight plan" we are able to analyze our situations and not only communicate better but negotiate and compromise with each other. We love the program and feel that it is great for any marriage, young or old, thriving or struggling. Great, great program!"

"My husband and I took advantage of the Marriage Mentoring just because we wanted to improve our marriage. Surprisingly, it quickly and effectively highlighted our current specific issues and needs. Then it gave us very simple, useful tools to better communicate with each other about difficult situations we faced and how to arrive at a solution that worked for both of us. In actively participating in that process, we felt victorious working it out ourselves, without a lot of counseling-type talk, probing into our pasts, or getting a pat answer from someone else. It was our solution, not someone else's. As we solved problems, we grew closer and strengthened our marriage! We found the whole process effective, healthy, Biblical, and simple. It can work for anyone!"

"After 47 years of marriage, it was fun to be able to talk about the agreements and disagreements that had become part of our lives. We both profited from the experience and are grateful that we had the opportunity to go through the program."

"We realized we needed to find a home church when our marriage had fallen apart to the point of divorce. When our world came crashing down we turned to Fishhawk Family Fellowship for help. Our first step was to attend worship on Sunday mornings. Hearing Biblical truth helped us get our bearings. Then our Godly pastors directed us to the Marriage Mentoring Program to help us rebuild our marriage on a solid foundation. We were paired with a Godly couple that set a great example and provided a safe enviornment that allowed us to share our marital issues. Our Marriage Mentoring Couple helped us see how we were acting and reacting when faced with adversity. The program taught us how to put a fight plan in place that allowed us to have productive conversations instead of screaming matches. Marriage Mentoring helped us get solid footing as we rebuilt our marriage the way God intended it to be. If this program can help recesitate a dead marriage imagine what it could do for a couple that just needs a little tune up. No matter where you are in your marriage today we believe that every couple could benefit from Marriage Mentoring."